2010 AGM

RSS AGM Minutes, mid semester 2, 2010

Time and date: 20 Sept 2010, 4-5pm Location: Mac 3, biology building

Attendance (17)

Zachary Ardern, Joshua Krissansen-Totten, Jerena Grewar, Blair Norwood, Noel Zeng, Simon Connell,
Courtney Shaw, Luana Prictor, Nicole Mitchell, Mark Hanna, Lilly Andersen, Kevin Keirle, Richard
Wilde, Phillip Nannestad, George Carvell, Matthew Goode, Josh Naus


Meeting starts at 4:10 pm

-President delivered report on progress made during 2010

-Blair raised the issue of room size – some meetings quite packed. We will monitor this closely and
get a bigger room if necessary.

Treasurer’s report

Currently we only have money from membership fees ($23)

Future goals: Get fundraising going from member donations and public fundraising, possibly
with a barbeque (will have to research this more)

Ideas for expenditure: banner for stall and events, printing allowances, possibly conference
sponsorship for members
Aim to get a grant first round next year

Currently using Kiwibank – planning to switch to AUSA bank and get audited

Zach points out anything we get a grant for we have to pay half of.

Executive nominations (secret ballot in hat, Simon is scrutineer, all results unanimous (i.e. no “no
confidence votes))

President: Blair nominates Richard, seconded by Mark

Treasurer nominations: George nominates Kevin, seconded by Mark

Secretary nominations: Richard nominates Josh Krissansen-Totten, seconded by Blair

Summary: Richard Wilde continues as president, Kevin new treasurer, Josh K-T new

Suggestion is made for general officer position for anyone who is interesting in putting more serious
work toward the RSS and wants to be involved in the decision making processes. Suggestion is
responded to by Noel, Philip, and Blair.

-Kevin nominates the motion that we open 3 General Officers positions to be filled without a vote.
Seconded by Blair.
-Vote by hand. Motion Passed.

These places will be filled by:
Noel Zeng
Phillip Nannestad
Blair Norwood

Richard nominates the motion that we increase membership fees to $2. Seconded by Philip.
Vote by hand. Motion Passed.

Summary: Membership fee now $2 (was $1) starting in 2011

Side note: Kevin: We would like members to get involved with presenting meetings.

AGM closed at 5:04

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