AUSA Clubs ball

On Saturday the 25th of September, AUSA held the annual Clubs Ball.

We were nominated for Best New Club. Unfortunately, through some illogical thought processes on the part of the judges, an inutile congregation known as “Glee Club” was named winner. Reason and Science Society did, however, come away with the title of Runner-up Best New Club. So that’s not so bad (I’m kidding, of course. It really sucks. Glee club? Really?).

Anyway, here is a picture of our President Richard holding the runner-up trophy

You should probably know that soon after this photo was taken, Richard (responsible club president that he is) lost our trophy, leading to threats of a $120 fine! The trophy is still missing. Anyone with information on the trophies whereabouts should phone 0800-MissingChildren immediately.

Some more RSSers having fun at the ball:

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  1. Um, yeah, can we leave the Glee club alone, please? They totally deserved to win! You’re just being a sore loser! 😛

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