So, how much wood can he chuck, exactly?

Today RSSers met for a social gathering. The formal topic being: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if you held his wife and kids hostage?

The answer to this question has not been precisely defined, although an estimate of the distance he can chuck two pieces, based on the technical diagram below, is 57.69 cm

Technical Diagram:

I hope you realise that I actually worked that out based on the scale provided and an average of the parabolic trajectories of the two bits of wood. You can check.

Anyway, we watched some videos of Derren Brown doing some awesome mind tricks. Although, there were sceptics among us, they are still some pretty cool tricks/funny videos. View the evidence yourself:

Have a great day, reasonable people!!!
Don’t forget we are meeting with the Islamic Society this Friday at 3pm (location tbc).

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  1. Video of Derren Brown playing Russian Roulette:

    Whatever he is doing here, it’s a pretty amazing performance.

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