January in review

We resumed meetings early in 2011 and have done quite a bit before the first semester at the UoA has started.

Our first meeting was on the 10th of January, where we discussed mental disorders. We watched a video from MIT about recent research on schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, which you can find here.

At our second meetup we talked about aesthetics. We watched a video of Denis Dutton discussing evolutionary aesthetics at TED (link). For a longer talk by Dutton, see this Authors@Google talk.

For our first social event, we went to see The King’s Speech at the movies. Most seem to think it was a great film (but see Christopher Hitchens’ article “Churchill Didn’t Say That“).

We discussed placebos and the placebo effect the same week, starting with a podcast from Skeptoid on the subject, which details some interesting research. We mainly focused on the ethics of using placebos, and the relationship with alternative medicine.

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