Hey everyone. This evening we have our interview for grants at 6:20 at AUSA House – I’m going to go along, and I think Lilly our new promotions officer is coming too. RSS is an AUSA affiliated club (we’ll reaffiliate for 2011 soon – target is next Wednesday), and thus can apply for grants from AUSA. Last year we didn’t get around to applying for grants, but this year, thanks mainly to the work of our treasurer Kevin, we have got our application submitted last week and now we’re at the interview stage.

Grants work like this: You apply for things you want money for – which can’t include food/drink or petrol – and then you get at least two quotes for each item you’re applying for. AUSA will supply half the money if the grant is approved – so if you want $100 to buy something, your club has to pay for half but AUSA will contribute $50. This means we’ll have to raise some of the money for things through membership fees, donations and other fundraising. You only get the money if you actually purchase the thing you applied for – you can’t just use it for something else if you change your mind.

This time we have made a very modest grant application – we’ve just applied for some printing money for posters and fliers, and some money for a paid website – though I’m a unsure if we’ll need one. Next time we can be a bit more ambitious, keeping in mind that we’ll still have to raise half the money ourselves. Any suggestions for what we might apply for in the second round of grants?

I’ll let you know how things go.



Update: We got all the money we asked for, no questions asked – so half our printing costs will be paid for by AUSA and half the cost of getting a new website or upgrading this one.

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