Coming up during the next couple of months

(Posted by Richard)

After taking a week off this week we’re having Monday meetings for the next three weeks. (These will all be at our usual time and place of Case Room 4, Owen G. Glenn building at 5-7 pm. Also note we’re no longer having Thursday meetings.)

Next Monday we’re discussing science funding with Professor Louise Nicholson from the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences (our first guest from this faculty). She recommends you read an article that I’ll send out by email soon (are you signed up to get emails?) to get your thinking on this issue started.

On Monday 20th we’re discussing mating systems, including human mating systems. Natasha, an RSS member and postgrad biological anthropology student, is going to give a talk on the topic to start us off. Finally, on Mon 27th June we’re discussing the origins of religious thought, with another RSS member, Andrew Latham (a postgrad psychology student). Andrew has a keen interest in this area and hopes to study it as part of his PhD in the future. Both of these last two topics were chosen by popular vote on our new look Facebook group (other popular ideas include whether drug prohibition should continue and liberty and reproduction).

We’ll also be having two more posts in the diet dialogue between Kevin and Blair who are going to post two more responses/rebuttals. We’re hoping to have more dialogues like these in future (perhaps I’ll take on one of our Christian members on some of our deepest differences?) If you’d like to take part in such a dialogue, or if you’d just like to create some content for the site, please let us know.

I’m also hoping to start an RSS podcast soon. This will consist of interviews with academics, mainly from the UoA, for about half an hour to an hour in length. Topics I’d like to discuss include sea level rise, metaphysics and the behaviour and ecology of bats. With fewer meetings and such to organize over the exam/intersemester breaks I should have time to get the podcast idea rolling at last.

As the semester ends we’re saying goodbye to enthusiastic member Tim Raybould, who came to many of our events this semester and gave a talk on mass extinctions as well as taking part in the student forum; he’s going back to the UK after a semester in NZ. We’ll also be without core members Megan and our current treasurer Kevin who are both also going overseas for a few months. This presents a good chance for you to get involved with RSS to help us keep making progress!


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