The second semester begins

Tomorrow the second semester begins at the University of Auckland, and RSS resumes after a two week break from meetings.

We’ll be having a stall from 10 til 3 each day this week. We’ll have fliers and information about the club and upcoming events, with around a dozen RSS people taking turns behind the table. If you would like to drop by or direct a friend to our stall, it will be at the same location as last semester, i.e. by the big sculpture located between the Kate Edger IC, the quad, the recreation centre and the maths/physics building.

Our meeting times for this semester are Mondays and Thursdays at 5 pm. Our Monday meeting time is unchanged from last semester, but the location has changed (slightly) to Case Room 1 – right next to Case Room 4 where we had them last semester (in the Owen G. Glenn building, ground floor). Our Thursday meetings will be at a new room – G25, a seminar room in the East Wing of the Clock Tower (where the graduate centre is; between the main Clock Tower and Elam B – building 119).

You can see where these buildings are on the map if you’re not sure. I suggest you check them out beforehand if you’re not familiar so you can get there on time (I hate getting texts during a meeting asking me where it is – as if I’ll be paying any attention to my phone!).

Later in the semester we’re going to have to switch to a different case room on Mondays, but Case Room 1 will be our location for at least the first 6 weeks. Meetings finish between 6 and 7 pm – it just depends how long speakers and/or the audience want to stick around on the night.

Some of our upcoming meetings include discussing “how is religion affecting society” (Mon 18 July) and “should we end the war on drugs?” (Thu 21 July), “what is rationalism?” (with Dr. Bill Cooke, Mon 25 July), a quiz competition evening (Thu 28 July) and “Darwin and religion” with visiting scholar Dr. Ted Davis (1 August). We’ll be discussing a range of interesting topics again this semester, some being chosen by popular consensus, and we’ll have lots of new and old guest academics joining us to talk about their area of expertise. To be kept up to date about future meetings, be sure to join us on Facebook, Google Groups or both.



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