Discussion Dinner and Annual General Meeting – 2013 Semester 2

pizza Monday 29th July,   5:30pm onwards,      School of Biological Sciences Tea Room     (Thomas Building)

There will be an AGM,    then we will hang out and have snacks and discussion,   followed by pizza dinner ($5 for paid members, $7 for non-paid members). 

5:15pm – Executive Meeting

6pm – Annual General Meeting (all members)

6:30pm – Discussion Dinner and Socialising



Science: What is the difference between science and pseudo-science? Why should we be skeptical of pseudo-science? Are we just being close-minded by rejecting pseudo-science?

Religion: In principle, could we ever prove the existence of God? What kinds of things would count as evidence? What is the difference between having evidence for something’s existence, and proving something’s existence?

Ethics: Do considerations of environmental concerns, and treatment of animals suggest that we should be vegetarians? Is agriculture damaging to the environment? Is it acceptable to kill an animal, supposing it is sentient just like a human?

Politics: What are the motivations for the GCSB bill surrounding public surveillance? What will be the positive and the negative effects of such a bill?

Science: Thousands of people believe they have had experiences with aliens and UFOs. Does their testimony count as evidence? Why or why not? When should someone’s testimony count as evidence?

Philosophy: Supposing we could predict the actions of some person, but were not in anyway causing that person to act in any way, can that person still be said to have free will?


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