Key people and roles

This page contains key RSS members and what they do, and other possible roles that could/need to be filled. This page is under construction.



Richard Wilde: PresidentRichard

Richard is a masters student in biology, studying the visual system of a species of fish. He founded RSS in 2010 and is the club’s president for 2011.

Personal email:

Josh Krissansen-Totton: Secretary

Josh is doing a combination of math, physics and economics at the UoA and has been with the club since its early days. He helps organize meetings and helps out where needed in general.

Kevin Keirle: Treasurer

Kevin is doing a conjoint degree in arts and health science, and has been with RSS from the beginning. He is in charge of all matters financial, and helps with a lot of other areas as well.

Other roles

Lilly: Club promotion, especially fliers and posters

Blair: Collecting membership fees and information from new members; deputy treasurer

Nicole: Social events

Yvette: Deputy secretary and social events

Natasha: Twitter-er

Philip: In person promotion (person to person, lecture visits etc)

Noel: Offered to help with computer/web technical stuff

Kylie: Promotion assistant (posters and fliers etc)

Tim: Promotion assistant (lecture visits etc), meeting organization and other assistance

Zach: Meeting (including guest speaker/interclub) organizing (esp. related to philosophy, theology and biology)

Other volunteers:

Megan, Sam (committee)

Ben Smith, Yan, Ben Rushton, Liza, Michelle Ye, Tara

Roles/jobs/things that need to be done

Online stuff

YouTube (Richard)

Facebook (mainly Richard)

Website (Richard)

Twitter (Natasha)

Google Groups/emails (Richard, Kevin)

Google Calendar (Richard)

Financial stuff (Kevin)


Membership fees (Blair?)


Book keeping


Online e.g. website, fb, youtube, twitter (Richard, Natasha)

Print (fliers, posters) (Lilly)

Design, printing them, putting them up/giving them out

Person to person (Philip)

Lecture visits


Social events (Nicole and Yvette?)

Social well being type of role? (vacant)

Interclub events (Richard – feel free to take over)


Speakers (mainly Richard, Josh)

Room bookings (Richard)

Notifying people (Richard)

Research, observations and experiments (vacant)

Audio-visual stuff

Audio/video recording (Richard)

Audio-visual media for meetings (Richard)

Video editing (Richard – someone else can take over, maybe)

Photography (vacant)

Podcasting, e.g. audio/video interviews with academics (vacant)

Live streaming of meetings? (vacant)

Putting powerpoint slides etc online (Google docs?) (vacant)

Other ideas?

[Last updated 20/4/11 by Richard]

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