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This page is a list of potential/possible meeting topics, themes, ideas, guest speakers/discussion-joiners, other clubs or organizations to have meetings or events with, event ideas, website ideas and any other ideas. If you would like to add to it, please comment below or get in touch via email etc. The more developed suggestions are, the more likely they’ll take place – ideas  will range from simple possibilities to more fully developed plans.

For upcoming meetings, see the calendar page. For past meetings, well, I’ll have to make a page for that…


If you’d like to suggest a topic/theme for a meeting, please let us know. Topics that we haven’t covered before will be favoured, as will more concrete ideas (e.g. a full meeting plan) than vague ones. At this stage we have enough general ideas, but more solid (e.g. we’ll watch this video/this person will give a 20 minute presentation, and then these will tbe the discussion points) ideas are needed.

Ideas (general/specific ideas – just possibilities)

Animal behaviour

Reciprocal altruism


Are humans still evolving?

Evolutionary psychology


Human sexual behaviour


The Big Bang


Geology – e.g. geological time and the age of the earth (geological society?)

Fossil fuels

Climate change


Human population





Kantian ethics



Correlation and/or causation

Logic and/or critical thinking

Philosophy of religion

Problem of evil

Argument from design

Argument from non-belief

Philosophy of science








History of chemistry





Computer science

Economics: Should markets be free? (perhaps with political club(s))

Advertising and marketing




Race and/or racism (someone from social anth?)

Speakers/guests (guest academics and/or speakers)

If you’re keen to give a talk, especially if you’re an academic, but also if you’ve just researched a topic and would like to give a talk on it, please let us know.


People with more expertise on the topic/covering areas we haven’t discussed yet/prepared to give a talk/who haven’t spoken at RSS before will be prioritized.


Bill Cooke – talking on rationalism in early semester 2

Matthew Dentith – perhaps returning to critique the “new atheists” like Dawkins, Hitchens et al

John Bishop (philosophy) – faith, epistemology – not until second semester


Denis Robinson (phil – philosophy of mind)

Anne Gaskett (biology – women in science?)

Nicolas Malone (anthropology – chimps and bonobos?) – maybe June or later

Elizabeth Rankin from Art History.

Patrick Girard from Philosophy. He teaches Critical Thinking and Logic. He’s pretty funny.

Mohsen al At…tar from Law. We could ask him to talk about globalization or Islamic law, those are two of his specialties.

Scott Optican from Law. His areas of interest are criminal law and evidence.

More suggestions?

RSS members/other:

Richard Wilde (MSc student) – evolution of colour vision (at some stage; my supervisor Misha Vorobyev from optometry and vision science can join us)

Clubs to have meetings with

We aim to mix and mingle with other clubs on campus and around Auckland. Not just any clubs – clubs we can have a joint event with on something (e.g. an academic club rather than a sports club).  So far we’ve just had one inter-club meeting, with the Auckland University Islamic Society (AUIS). If your club would like to have a meeting with us, get in touch.


Political clubs, e.g. Act, National, Labour, Greens,

Oxfam, Amnesty International

Religious clubs, e.g. Catholic Society, Evangelical Union, Islamic Society

Abortion discussion with pro-life and/or feminists collective?

Other events

This section is for events outside the normal video/audio/talk and discussion style meetings that we have once a week or more.


Laser strike

Have done twice – maybe again in semester 2

Paint ball

Shared lunch/picnic in the park

Gaming evening, e.g. video games, net cafe, board/strategy/card games (maybe with other clubs)

Movies/DVD night

Debates/forums/panel discussions and the like

-Having a student forum with Christian club REAL and the Islamic Society.

Photoshoot – possibly an RSS calendar?

Video promoting RSS, other videos

Sleepover/ghost stories at AUSA’s “haunted” room (meeting room 2, AUSA house)

RSS party at someone’s place

Website ideas

Posts: Jellybean jar, stall, humour meeting, lunch in the park, economics and laser tag, upcoming

Ability to vote up/rate past meetings, future meeting topics, social events, guest academics etc

Other ideas

RSS hangout spot at uni

Regular place people we hang out, talk more and get refreshments after Monday meetings (try Shadows?)

  1. You forgot all night rave for the social activities.

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