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An Atheist Defends Intelligent Design.

Bradley Monton.
An Atheist Defends Intelligent Design.
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Friday 29th March (Good Friday), 5:30pm
Biology Building BLT100

About the book: 
The doctrine of intelligent design is often the subject of acrimonious debate. Seeking God in Science cuts through the rhetoric that distorts the debates between religious and secular camps. Bradley Monton, a philosopher of science and an atheist, carefully considers the arguments for intelligent design and argues that intelligent design deserves serious consideration as a 
scientific theory. Monton also gives a lucid account of the debate surrounding the inclusion of intelligent design in public schools and presents reason why students’ science education could benefit from a careful consideration of the arguments for and against it.




UPDATE: Here is the audio and handouts from the seminar Dr Monton gave: 



What is wrong with Intelligent Design?

Tuesday 28th May, 6pm, Arts 1 room 315

One of our members will present a reply or follow on discussion from Bradley Monton’s earlier presentation.

“What is wrong with Intelligent Design” will explore the history of the movement to demonstrate that the reality of Intelligent Design is, what the biological arguments are and why it should not be included in the public (or even private) science education system below the Tertiary level.


Alice on Asexuality


On Tuesday 19th April, one of our members, Alice, comes to talk to us about Asexuality. Alice is an asexual woman living with an asexual male partner. She has studied biopsychology and hormones. She will explain all the terminology associated with identifying as asexual, will be taking questions at the end of the talk, and making available printed resources leading to more information about asexuality.

Human evolution videos

Today we’re discussing human evolution at our new second regular weekly meeting slot of Thursday 4-5pm OGGB5. We’ll only have time to watch a few short videos before the discussion, but here are some cool longer ones.

Also some “interesting” videos I saw on my travels: An anti-evolution Christian video and one which prefers Sumerian mythology.